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Refund Terms

We try to provide the best service, and we understand that the client is not always satisfied with the delivery or the goods. We will try to resolve the issue in the most painless way.

Refunds can be made:

1. Complete cancellation of the order within 1 hour - in this case, the order amount will be refunded in full except for the commission paid by you (these commissions are exhausted by payment systems, not by us).

2. At the request of the client to return the goods. In this case, the buyer assumes all obligations regarding shipping costs and customs tax. Refund is possible only for the goods. (the goods must be well packaged and must be in the original condition in which they arrived at you)

3. Refunds for goods through the fault of the store. If you received defective or expired goods, or if you did not find the ordered goods, then in this case the goods will be returned. (Photo or video of the product is provided)

4. In case of loss of the parcel of the Transport company (each parcel is insured, the amount of return is indicated by the transport company).


If the customer refuses the order after an hour or before sending the order, the store only reimburses 80% of the order amount, please carefully consider this item.

If the client was unable to receive the parcel through the fault of the customs service of your country or mail, then the refund amount will be made only for goods, taking into account a deduction of 10% (the buyer bears customs obligations). Returns are made only after the parcel arrives back at the storehouse.

If the goods are damaged, a refund is possible by accruing points on the site acant or return to the card (each case is considered separately, an inspection of the fault is carried out)

Exchange of goods is not possible due to the location and range of the region of departure. Only refunds or refunds are made.