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Why buy from us?


We provide the opportunity to order customers at prices provided directly by suppliers. All products are exhibited directly by manufacturers, and our service helps to unite customers with suppliers. You can order 1 pc. as a "Default User" or at the lowest prices as a "Wholesale Buyer".

Every day new news are formed in Korea, more and more efficiently and improved, our service allows new brands to exhibit with us and provide customers with the opportunity to purchase 1 piece for testing or order in bulk at wholesale prices. You will no longer overpay dealers and intermediaries.

You will be given the choice to register as an Default or Wholesale buyer, the choice of language and convenient currency.


Convenient delivery

We provide convenient terms of payment and delivery, both for a simple buyer and for a wholesale one. We work with many transport companies and will help you receive the goods safely and quickly.

Payment Security

Convenient payment methods will allow you to quickly and safely pay for your order.

The customer safety system will allow you not to worry about your orders. You can be completely sure of the security of your transactions.